Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)SOVIET POSTERS/798
TitleOpenness (English translation of title of folder) ['Glasnost']
Extent12 items
DescriptionFolder containing 12 numbered posters by various artists - from a series designed to help party activists

Russian transliteration of title: Glasnost'

Cover artist: G. Kamol'tsev

Editor: V. P. Barbatenkova

Technical editor: N. K. Abakumova

Publication information: Moscow / Plakat / 1989 / No.1108369

Printing information: [Kharkov] / Sotsialistychna Kharkivshchyna

Print run: 25,000

Format: 60x45

Original price: 1 rouble 20 kop

Posters are as follows:

1. Description of graphic image: Graphic of V. I. Lenin, with a quotation
Artist: Igor' Aleksandrovich Kominarets (1923- )

2. Perestroika?
Artist: Unknown

3. Plan raboty partiinogo byuro (Work plan for a Party office)
Artist: Lyudmila Semenovna Tarasova (1937- )

4. Boites' ravnodushnykh (Fight those who are indifferent)
Artist: A. Utkin

5. Kazhdaya lishnaya dolzhnost'... (Every superfluous office... )
Artist: I. Pilishenko

6. Davaite poschitaem! (Let's count!)
Artist: S. Uezdin

7. U brakodela est' imya! (That's what a bad workman calls it!)
Artist: Koit Khansovich Pyuss (1929- )

8. Ekonom rabochee vremya! (It's time for more working-class economists!)
Artist: E. Lukin

9. Prava i funktsii soveta trudnogo kollektiva (The rules and functions of the council of a labour collective)
Artist: Unknown

10. Perestroika v nashem kollektive (Reconstruction in our collective)
Artist: Unknown

11. Caption in Russian: Protiv p'yanstva - vsem kollektivom (The whole collective must unite against alcoholism)
Artist: Aleksandr Timofeevich Gusarov (1932- )

12. Description of image: Graphics representing industry and agriculture
Artist: Unknown
Access StatusOpen


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