Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)SOVIET POSTERS/804
TitleWe conserve our country's nature! (English translation of title)
Extent15 items
DescriptionFolder containing 15 posters about conservation

Russian transliteration of title: Sokhranim rodnuyu prirodu!

Editor: L. Nikiforova

Technical editor: L. Nikitina

Publication information: Moscow / Plakat / 1981 / No.3e-497

Printing information: Dnepropetrovsk / Zorya

Print run: 218,000

Format: 35x25

Original price: 46 kop

Posters are as follows:

1. [Cover] Sokhranim rodnuyu prirodu! (We conserve our country's nature!)
Artist: Margarita Pavlovna Churinova (1945- )

2. Stat'ya 67... (Article 67...)
Artist: V. Yakushev; V. Peretkin

3. Krasnaya kniga zashchaet prirodu (The red book protects nature)
Artist: Irina Vladimirovna Egorova (1952-2009)

4. Est' takoe tverdoe pravilo... (There is such a hard rule...)
[Quotation from A. de St. Exupery 'The Little Prince']
Artist: Evgenii Abramovich Kazhdan (1922-1973)

5. Beregite prirodu! (Look after nature!)
Artist: Valerii Sergeevich Viter (1947- )

6. Nashim vodoemam - chistuyu vodu! (From our reservoirs we get pure water!)
Artist: Koit Khansovich Pyuss (1929- )

7. Voda - zhizn' (Water is life)
Artist: Timofei Andreevich Lyashchuk (1930- )

8. Bud' ostrozhen s ognem v lesu! (Be careful with fire in the forest!)
Artist: Georgii Ivanovich Shevtsov (1940- )

9. Ne oskvernyai! (Don't spoil it!)
Artist: Sergei Ivanovich Zhmurenkov (1933- )

10. Beregite murav'ev! (Look after the ants!)
Artist: Koit Khansovich Pyuss (1929- )

11. Pomozhem zimuyushchim ptitsam! (Remember birds in the winter!)
Artist: N. Lisakonov

12. V lesu rodilas' elochka (The little fir tree was born in the forest)
Artist: Aleksandr Vladimirovich Ezhelin (1949- )

13. Prirodu VAMa sokhranim! (We look after nature in the VAM)
Artist: Aleksei Mikhailovich Kurmanaevskii (1946- ); Elena Mikhailovna Kurmanaevskaya (1947- )

14. Ni pukha ni pera! (Good luck!)
Artist: Vitalii Koustantinovich Shostya (1942- )

15. Brakon'er - vrag prirody! (The poacher is the enemy of nature!)
Artist: Anatolii Fedorovich Sivov (1938-1993)
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