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TitleMorale and political and psychological training for the military (English translation of title of folder)
Extent24 items
DescriptionFolder containing 24 posters, photographs with text.

Russian transliteration of title: Moral'no-politicheskaya i psikhologicheskaya podgotovka voina

Additional explanatory information: Compiled by Konstantin Stepanovich Portnyagin

Artists: A. V. Kurtachevskii and Yu. A. Rybkin

Editor: P. D. Kazakov

Technical editor: N. Ya. Samokhvalova

Publication information: Moscow / Voenizdat / 1975 / No. 3215 p.

Printing information: Moscow / UVI

Print run: 55,000

Format: 35x45

Original price: 1 rouble 21 kop

1. Iskhod boya reshaet chelovek (The outcome of the war is decided by people)

2. Sovremennyi boi (Modern warfare)

3. Vliyanie boevoi obstanovki na psikhiku (The psychological effect of events in war)

4. Dukhovnyi oblik sovetskogo voina (The mental character of the Soviet fighter)

5. Nasha delo pravoe - my nepobedimy (Our cause is just and we are invincible)

6. Zhivotvornyi istochnik nesokrushimoi moshchi (A life-giving source of indestructible might)

7. Gotovnost' k podvign (Readiness for deeds of valour)

8. Lynbov' k rodine (Love of the native land)

9. Nenavist' k vragam otchizny (Hatred for enemies of the Fatherland)

10. Tovarishcheskaya vzaimopomoshch' i vyruchka (Support and help for comrades)

11. Vernost' voinskomu dolgu (Faithful performance of military duty)

12. Chuvstvo internatsionalizma (An appreciation of internationalism)

13. Formy i metody moral'no-politicheskoi podgotovki (Methods of morale and political training)

14. Distsiplina, ispolnitel'nost' (Discipline and attention to duty)

15. Zakalka voli (Strengthening the will)

16. Lichnost' i voinskii kollektiv (The individual and the military team)

17. Boevaya aktivnost' (Military operations)

18. Initsiativa, nakhodchivost' (Initiative and resourcefulness)

19. Muzhestvo, otvaga, geroizm (Courage, bravery and heroism)

20. Smelost', besstrashie (Boldness and fearlessness)

21. Uverennost' v orzhii i boevoi tekhnike (Confidence in dealing with weapons and military technology)

22. Boevoe masterstvo (Military skills)

23. Sil'nee mushuli, krepche nervy (Mighty muscles, strong nerves)

24. Puti psikhologicheskoi zakalki (Methods for psychological toughening)
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