Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)SOVIET POSTERS/818
TitleThe people and the army are united (English translation of title of folder)
Extent20 items
DescriptionFolder containing 20 numbered posters, compiled by Ivan Illarionovich Roshchin

Russian transliteration of title: Narod i armiya - ediny

Additional explanatory information:

Artist: A. M. Ermol'ev

Editor: G. G. Kozlovskii

Technical editor: N. Ya. Samokhvalova

Publication information: Moscow / Voenizdat / 1976 / No. 3399p.

Printing information: Moscow / UVI

Print run: 52,000

Format: 35x45

Original price: 1 rouble 2 kop

1. Detishche Velikogo Oktyabrya (Children of the October Revolution)
Additional information: Includes small reproductions of Apsit's 1919 posters for defence of Petrograd and the Urals

2. V. I. Lenin o edinstre armii i naroda (V. I. Lenin on the unity of the army and the nation)
Additional information: Includes partial reproduction of Koretskii's 'Our strength is countless' cf. SOVIET POSTERS/812/15/3

3. Edinoi Rodiny Syny (Sons of a united motherland)

4. Obshchnost' klassovykh interesov (A sharing of class interests)

5. Ideinoe rodstvo (Ideological kinship)
Additional information: Includes 1941 poster 'Onward to victory under the banner of Lenin!'

6. Armiya druzhby narodov (The army is the friend of the people)

7. Monolitnyi fundament edinstva [KPPS] (The monolithic foundation of unity [the CPSU])

8. V gody pervykh pyatiletok (In the years of the first Five-Year Plan)

9. Za svobodu naroda, za nezavisimost' Rodiny (For the liberation of the nation, for the independence of the motherland)

10. Tyl - frontu (The home front)

11. Slavnaya traditsiya (A glorious tradition)

12. Massovoe dobrovol'noe (Massive volunteering)

13. Otlichnaya sluzhba srodni udarnomu trudu (Various ways of contributing to the national effort)

14. I zashchitniki, i pomoshchniki (Both defenders and helpers)

15. Voinskaya khvatka i v trude pomoshchnitsa (Military skill in the task of defence)

16. Otechskaya zabota partii i naroda (Patriotic concern for party and people)

17. Vmeste s narodam - k ednoi tseli (Together with the people for a common goal)

18. Ukreplyat' svyazi s naseleniem (Strengthening the bonds with the population)

19. Otlichnoi ucheboi krepit' mogushchestvo Rodiny (Various ways of learning how to increase the might of the motherland)

20. Tak velit prisyaga (As the oath prescribes)
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