Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)SOVIET POSTERS/827
TitleThe Party's plans are the nation's plans (English translation of title of folder)
Extent12 items
DescriptionFolder containing 12 numbered posters (photographs with graphics and text) issued for the 26th Congress of the CPSU. Compiled by L. Khataevich

Russian transliteration of title: Plany partii - plany naroda

Additional information: Designer: V. Ermakov (See list below for details of contributing artists and photographers)

Editor: V. Gapeenko, A. Kozlov

Technical editor: E. Vladimirskaya

Publication information: Moscow / Plakat / 1981 / No. 1e-970

Printing information: [Kharkov] / Sotsialistychna Kharkivshchyna

Print run: 5,000

Format: 30x45

Original price: 54 kop

Contributing artists:
Oleg Dmitrievich Maslyakov (1928-?)
V. Usov
Oleg Mikhailovich Savostyuk (1927-?)
Boris Aleksandrovich Uspenskii (1927-2005)
Sergei Ivanovich Zhmurenkov (1933-?)
Leonid Isaakovich Bel'skii (1947-?)
Vladimir Mikhailovich Potapov (1946-1996)
Miron Vladimirovich Luk'yanov (1936-2007)
G. Prokshin
Vladimir Nikolaevich Feklyaev (1947-?)
Vladimir Gavrilovich Kononov (1924-?)
Ruben Vasil'evich Sur'yaninov (1930-?)
Koit Khansovich Pyuss (1929-?)
Gennadii Vasil'evich Shurshin (1937-?)

A. Gusev
A. Kozlovskii
A. Smetanin
A. Parshin
Access StatusOpen


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