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TitleTo be a political worker is the highest honour (English translation of title of folder)
Extent16 items
DescriptionFolder containing 16 numbered posters, each containing photographs, graphics and text. Compiled by Nikolai Ivanovich Gusev, Ivan Maksimovich Babeuko, and Boris Nikolaevich Voskresenskii

Russian transliteration of title: Byt' politrabotnikom - vysokaya chest'

Artist: N. D. Mikhailin

Editor: V. A. Sizov

Technical editor: T. V. Balagurova

Publication information: Moscow / Voenizdat / 1975 / No. 7289p.

Printing information: [?] / UVI Tipografiya No. 3

Print run: 25,000

Format: 35x45

Original price: 83 kop

1. Moguchee oruzhie partii (The mightiest weapon of the Party)

2. Politrabotniki v boyakh za Rodiny (Political worker in the Nation's struggle)

3. Nastavniki i vospitateli voinov (Mentors and teachers for the armed forces)

4. Po zovu serdtsa, po prizvaniyu (Called by the heart, for a vocation)

5. Kvovskoe vysshee voenno-politicheskoe ychilishche (The top military political academy at Lvov)

6. Novsibirskoe vysshee voenno-politicheskoe obshchevoiskovoe uchilishche (The top public military political academy at Novosibirsk)

7. Sverdlovskoe vysshee voenno-politicheskoe tanko-artilleriiskoe uchilishche (The top tank and artillery military political academy at Sverdlovsk)

8. Leningradskoe vysshee voenno-politicheskoe uchilishche PVO (The top military political academy for anti-aircraft defence in Leningrad)

9. Simferopol'skoe vysshee voenno-politicheskoe stroitel'noe uchilishche (The top military political academy for construction at Simferopol)

10. Kurganskoe vysshee voenno-politicheskoe aviatsionnoe uchilishche (The top military political academy for aviation at Kurgan)

11. Donetskoe vysshee voenno-politicheskoe uchilishche inzhenernykh voisk i voisk svyazi (The top military political academy for military engineering and communications at Donetsk)

12. Kievskoe vysshee voenno-morskoe politicheskoe uchilishche (The top naval political academy at Kiev)

13. Politicheskii fakul'tet Rostovskogo vysshego voenno komandogo uchilishcha imeni Glavnogo marshala artillerii M. I. Nedelina (The political faculty of the Rostov top military command academy named after Artillery Chief-Marshal M. I. Nedelin)

14. Vauditoriyakh, klassakh i v pole (In the lecture theatres, in classes and in the field)

15. V dobryi put', tovarishchi leitenanty! (Safe journey, Comrade Lieutenant)

16. V boevom stroyu podrazdelennii (Subdivisions in units of the armed forces)
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