Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)SOVIET POSTERS/837
TitleA unified system for technical training in project management (English translation of title of folder)
Extent13 items
DescriptionFolder containing 13 numbered charts. Text by Yu. D. Amirov and others
Instructional posters in two series: Series 2 in 3 parts: Part 1

Russian transliteration of title: Edinaya sistema tekhnologicheskoi podgotovki proizvodstva. Uchebno-metodicheskie plakaty v dvukh vypuskakh. Vypusk II v trekh chastakh. Chast' I na 13 listakh

Additional information: cf SOVIET POSTERS/838-839 and 843 (duplicate of 837)

Artists: V. A. Bondarev, E. S. Vasil'ev, V. D. Sarychev and G. F. Semirechenko

Editor: T. A. Kiseleva

Publication information: Moscow / Izdatel'stvo Standartov / No. 4456/7

Printing information: Moscow / Kaluzhskaya Tipogr.Standartov

Print run: 15,000

Format: 60x45

Original price: 1 rouble
Access StatusOpen


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