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TitleThe Zarnitsa [Summer Lightning] All-Union military games for Pioneers (English translation of title of folder)
Extent30 items
DescriptionSet of 30 numbered posters with cover sheet and list of contents. Compiled by G. S. Desnitskii, V. B. Voloshinov and V. I. Nikolaev

Russian transliteration of title: Vsesoyuznaya pionerskaya voenno-sportivnaya igra 'Zarnitsa'

Artists: M. V. Borodin, V. G. Doluda

Editor: M. F. Karulichev

Technical editor: Z. I. Sarvina

Publication information: Moscow / DOSAAF / 1975 / No. 6/499

Printing information: Moscow / Rosglavpoligrafprom No. 2

Print run: 55,000

Format: 60x45

Original price: 2 roubles 52 kop

1. "Salyut, Pobeda" (Salute to Victory) [1945-1975]
2. "Zarnitsa" - igra pionerskaya (The Summer Lightning Pioneer Games)
3. Organizatsiya igry "Zarnitsa" (Organisaiton of the Summer Lightning Games)
4. Narod i armiya - ediny (The people and the army are one)
5. Yunarmeitsu o Vooruzhennykh Sylax SSSR (Telling junior soldiers about the Armed Forces of the USSR)
6. Gotov'sya stat' zashchitnikom Rodiny! (The state of preparedness of the People's guardians!)
7. Yunarmeets - krasnyi sledopyt (The junior soldier is a red pathfinder)
8. Sport sil'nykh i smelykh (Sport for the strong and brave)
9. Kart - avtomobil' dlya tebya (The go-kart is the car for you)
10. Uchites' masterit', stroit', izobretat' (Learn to make and build things and to invent)
11. Tvori, vydumyvai, probui (Create, invent, wake up!)
12. Voenno-patrioticheskie obedineniya (Combining militarism and patriotism)
13. Stroevaya podgotova (Training for drill)
14. "Yunyi strelok" (Junior marksman)
15. "Metkii strelok" (Good shot)
16. Eto dolzhen znat' kazhdyi (What everyone should know)
17. Gotov k grazhdanskoi oborone (Ready for civil defence)
18. "Smelye i lovkie" (Bold and agile) [10 to 13 year olds]
19. "Sportivnaya smena" (Changing sports) [14 to 15 year olds]
20. Tyristskaya podgotovka (Outdoor activities) [camping, hiking etc.]
21. Yunarmeitsy - razvedchiki (Junior soldiers as scouts) [map reading etc.]
22. Yunarmeitsy - svyazisty (Junior soldiers as signallers) [radio and semaphore]
23. Yunarmeitsy - strelki (Junior soldiers as infantry)
24. Yunarmeitsy - pozharnye (Junior soldiers as firefighters)
25. Sanitarnyi post (First aid)
26. Yunarmeets - regulirovshchik dvizheniya (The junior soldier as traffic controller)
27. Igra na mestnosti (Games in the countryside)
28. Igra na mestnosti v otryade (Patrol games in the countryside)
29. Igra na mestnosti v batal'one (Battalion games in the countryside)
30. Ritualy, znaki razlichiya i nagrady yunarmeitsev (Rituals, badges and awards for junior soldiers)
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