Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)SOVIET POSTERS/886
TitleLong live the Leninist policy of peace! Hurrah for the May Day holiday! Long live our great nation! (English translation of caption)
Extent1 item
DescriptionDescription of graphic image: Three sheets comprising one poster (sheets 1 & 2 numbered) showing stylised happy citizens with banners forming the words 'Mir' (peace) and 'Mai' (May)

Russian transliteration of caption: Da zdravstvuet leninskaya politika mira! S prazdnikom pervomaya! Da zdravstvuet nasha velikaya rodina!

Artists: Leonid Isaakovich Bel'skii (1947-?), Vladimir Mikhailovich Potapov (1946-1996)

Editor: A. Grachev

Technical editor: O. Isaeva

Publication information: Moscow / Plakat / 1979 / No. 4b-306

Printing information: [Moscow?] / Tipografiya No. 5

Print run: 30,000

Format: 70x100 (each sheet)

Original price: 23 kop
Access StatusOpen


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