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TitleGrinding of metals (English translation of title of folder)
Extent25 items
DescriptionSet of 25 numbered charts about workshop practice compiled by M. S. Naerman

Russian transliteration of title: Shlifovanie metallov

Artist: E. M. Khodyrev

Editor: T. I. Gorodilina

Publication information: [Moscow] / Vysshnaya Shkola / 1967

Printing information: Moscow / Glavpoligrafprom No.8

Print run: 9,000

Format: [60x90]

Original price: 7 roubles 50 kop

Posters as follows:

1. Abrazivnyi instrument. Oboznachenie i kharakteristika (Grinding tools. Labelling and characteristics)
2. Abrazivnyi instrument. Formy i oboznachenie (Grinding tools. Shapes and labelling)
3. Abrazivnyi instrument. Kol'tso-segmenty. Tarelki. Disk. Chashki. Bruski. Golovki (Grinding tools. Ring-segments. Plate. Disc. Cups. Bars. Heads)
4. Ispytanie i balansirovanie shlifoval'nykh krugov (Setting up and balancing grinding tools)
5. Ustanovka i kreplenie abrazivnogo instrumenta (Setting up and securing grinding tools)
6. Almaznyi instrument. Oboznachenie i kharakeristika (Diamond tools. Labelling and characteristics)
7. Pravka krugov (Dressing the wheels)
8. Pravka shlifoval'nykh krugov (Dressing the grinding wheels)
9. Protsess shlifovaniya (The process of grinding)
10 and 11. [Two-part poster] Osnovnye elementy gidravlicheskoi sistemy shlifoval'nykh stankov (Basic principles of hydraulic systems used with grinding tools)
12. Universal'nyi krugloshhfoval'nyi stanok 312M (The 312M universal rotary grinder)
13. Krogloshlifoval'nyi stanok 3A 151 (The 3A 151 rotary grinder)
14. Krogloshlifoval'nyi stanok 3A 151. Gidrokinematicheskaya skhema (The hydraulic system of the 3A 151)
15. Krugloe bestsentrovoe shlifovanie (Centreless grinding)
16. Bestsentrovo-shlifoval'nyi stanok 3180 (The 3180 centreless grinder)
17. Osnovnye elementy naladki bestsentrovo-shlifoval'nogo stanka (Basic principles for setting up centreless grinders)
18. Vnutrennee shlifovanie (Grinding internal surfaces)
19. Vnutrishlifoval'nyi stanok 3250 (The 3250 internal grinder)
20. Ploskoe shlifovanie pereferiei kruga (Profile grinding)
21. Ploskoshlifoval'nyi stanok s gorizontal'nym shpindelem i pryamougol'nym stolom 372B (The 372B surface grinder with a horizontal spindle and rectangular table)
22. Ploskoe shlifovanie tortsom kruga (Flat grinding with a facing wheel)
23. Shlitseshlifovanie (Slot grinding)
24. Khoningovanie otverstii (Honing internal diameters)
25. Pritirka [? Compression grinding]
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