Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)SOVIET POSTERS/917-926
TitleSet of reprints of posters
Extent10 items
DescriptionAn incomplete set of reprints. Number 16 of the set is catalogued under SOVIET POSTERS/957

SOVIET POSTERS/917: Tsveti, Kazakhstan, Oktyabrem ozarennyi! (Shine forth, O Kazakhstan, lit-up by the October Revolution!)
Description of graphic image: Girl in a stylised sunlit cornfield
Artist: R. Yuldashev
Publication information: 1970
Additional explanatory information: No. 8 of a set

SOVIET POSTERS/918: Net - Fashizmu! (No to Fascism)
Artist: Viktor Borisovich Koretskii (1909-1998)
Publication information: 1975
Additional explanatory information: No. 25 of a set

SOVIET POSTERS/919: U sovetskogo naroda est'chto zashchishchat'... (For the Soviet nation it is what defends...)
Artist: Vasilii Vasil'evich Sur'yaninov (1903-1991)
Publication information: 1937
Additional explanatory information: No. 22 of a set. Also cf SOVIET POSTERS 784/8

SOVIET POSTERS/920: 5-letku v 4 goda - vyposhnim! (A Five-Year Plan in four years - let's do it!)
Artist: Viktor Semenovich Ivanov (1909-1968)
Publication information: 1948
Additional explanatory information: No. 2 of a set. Also cf SOVIET POSTERS/789/14/1

SOVIET POSTERS/921: Nashi sily neischislimy! (Our forces are innumerable!)
Artist: Viktor Borisovich Koretskii (1901-1998)
Publication information: 1941
Additional explanatory information: No. 26 of a set. Also cf SOVIET POSTERS/775/11, SOVIET POSTERS/789/11/6, SOVIET POSTERS/812/15/3 and SOVIET POSTERS/943/10

SOVIET POSTERS/922: Net gonke vooruzhenii! (Stop the arms race!)
Artist: Vasilii Vasil'evich Sur'yaninov (1903-1991)
Publication information: 1976
Additional explanatory information: No. 24 of a set

SOVIET POSTERS/923: Lenin vyaliki nam shlyakh azaryu! [Belorussian]; Lenin velikii nam put' ozaril! [Russian] (The great Lenin has lit up our path)
Artist: R. Malinovskii
Publication information: 1971
Additional explanatory information: No. 15 of a set

SOVIET POSTERS/924: Eto - po-kommunisticheski! (This is the communist way!)
Artists: Oleg Mikhailovich Savostyuk (1927-?), and Boris Aleksandrovich Uspenskii (1927-2005)
Publication information: 1959
Additional explanatory information: No. 3 of a set

SOVIET POSTERS/925: Partiya i Lenin - bliznetsy-brat'ya (The Party and Lenin are twin brothers)
Artists: Nina Nikolaevna Vatolina (1915-2002) and Nikolai Viktorovich Denisov (1917-1982)
Publication information: 1940
Additional explanatory information: No. 19 of a set. Also cf SOVIET POSTERS/789/9/2

SOVIET POSTERS/926: Da zdravstvuet edinstvo, bratstvo trudyashchikhsya vsekh natsional'nostei SSSR! (Long live the unity and brotherhood of workers of all nationalities of the USSR!)
Artist: Vladimir Aleksandrovich Serov (1910-1968)
Publication information: 1934
Additional explanatory information: No. 18 of a set. Also cf SOVIET POSTERS/812/13/3
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