Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)SOVIET POSTERS/927-934
TitlePosters from the series 'Collection of Satirical Posters' (English translation of title of series)
Extent8 items
DescriptionEight posters from a set originally comprising 26

Russian transliteration of title: Podborka Satiricheskikh Plakatov

Artists: Boevoi Karandash (The Militant Pencil group)

Publication information: Leningrad / Khudozhnik RSFSR / [1989]

Posters are as follows:
SOVIET POSTERS/927: Izvinite, ya vas i ne zametila! (I'm sorry, I didn't notice you!)
Description of graphic image: Well-dressed female official speaking to disabled war veteran
Artist: B. Tsygankov
Verses: V. Shumilin
Additional explanatory information: No. 1 of a set

SOVIET POSTERS/928: 'Gruppa zakhvata' v deistvii ('The Snatch Squad' in action)
Artist: Fedor Fedorovich Nelyubin (1931-?)
Verses: V. Kochinskii
Additional explanatory information: No. 2 of a set

SOVIET POSTERS/929: Kooperativ 'Syurpriz' (The Surprise Co-operative)
['Let me guess - It's Vanya from the Fraud Squad? Or Kolya from the police?' 'No - It's Vasya from the mob!']
Artist: Vasilii Vasil'evich Dubyago (1938-?)
Additional explanatory information: No. 3 of a set

SOVIET POSTERS/930: Chto dayut (What are they queueing for?)
Artist: Vladislav Iogannesovich Kyunnap (1923-?)
Verses: V. Suslov
Additional explanatory information: No. 4 of a set

SOVIET POSTERS/931: Bez menya ty nol'! (Without me you'd be nothing!)
Artist: B. Osipov
Additional explanatory information: No. 5 of a set

SOVIET POSTERS/932: Kooperative 'Falconet' (The Falconet Co-operative)
Descripton of graphic image: Shows a scam in which tourists in Leningrad are being charged to see E. M. Falconet's famous statue of Peter the Great ('The Bronze Horseman')
Artist: N. Baev
Verses: V. Shumilin
Additional explanatory information: No. 6 of a set

SOVIET POSTERS/933: Nemaluyu summu ya smog nakopit' - poskol'ku nigde nichego ne kupit' (Just look how the balance in my savings account gets larger - as long as I don't buy anything)
Artist: Viktor Valer'evich Zhelobinskii (1936-?)
Verses: G. Tumarinson
Additional explanatory information: No. 7 of a set

SOVIET POSTERS/934: Chto y khozyaiki poidet na kotlety? Neuzhto vyrezka ... iz gazety (What should a housewife do for a nice cut of meat? Perhaps try a newspaper cutting! [The word 'vyrezka' means both sirloin steak and newspaper cutting]
Artist: Efim Ignat'evich Osipov (1930-?)
Verses: A. Shklyarinskii
Additional explanatory information: No. 8 of a set
Access StatusOpen
Physical DescriptionFormerly nos. 927-934


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