Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)SOVIET POSTERS/944
TitleVice, get out! (Golden collection) (English translation of slogan)
Extent21 items
DescriptionFolder containing 21 reproductions of classic posters with an introduction (in Russian) by Aleksandr Shklyaruk

Russian transliteration of slogan: Porok - za porog! (Zolotaya kollektsiya)

Publication information: Moscow / Kontakt-Kultura / 2007

Printing information: [Moscow?] / Ofsetnaya Tipografiya No. 21

Print run: 1,000

Format: 30x45

Posters as follows:

1. Dolbanem! (Let's smash it!)
Artist: Viktor Nikolaevich Deni (Denisov) (1893-1946)
Date: 1930

2. Kurenie tabaka dorogoe i vrednoe delo dlya zdorov'ya i khozyaistva (Smoking is expensive and dangerous for health and the economy)
Artist: [Unknown]
Date: 1930

3. Papa, ne pei (Daddy, don't drink)
Artist: Dmitrii Anatol'evich Bulanov (1898-1942)
Date: 1929

4. Doloi p'yanits! (Down with drunkards!)
Artist: Iosif Abramovich Yang (1899-1973), Avenir Iosifovich Chernomordik (1897-1991)
Date: 1929

5. Gde den'gi? (Where's the money gone?)
Artist: [Unknown]
Date: 1926

6. Doloi bezobraznikov po zhenskoi linii! (Let's crush sexual harassment!)
Artist: [Unknown]
Date: [Unknown]

7. Stoi! Nochnaya panel' (Stop this degenerate nightlife)
Artist: [Unknown]
Date: 1929

8. Bei! Po vragu kul'turnoi revolyutsii (Destroy the enemy of the cultural revolution!)
Artist: [Unknown]
Date: 1930

9. Pomni. Kogda ty p'esh' tvoya sem'ya golodna (Remember - while you're drinking your family is starving)
Artist: [Unknown]
Date: 1930

10. No! (No way!)
Artist: Viktor Ivanovich Govorkov (1906-1974)
Date: 1954

11. Stydno! (It's shameful)
Artists: Nina Alekseevna Velezheva (1928-?), N. Kuzovkin
Date: 1958

12. Tabak - yad. Bros' kurit'! (Tobacco is poison. Give up smoking!)
Artist: N. Ignat'ev
Date: 1957

13. Balovali s detstva syna... (Try not to spoil your child...)
Artist: M. Pisarevskii
Date: 1956

14. Eta mama vse khlopochet... (He was always spoilt by his mother...)
Artist: P. Vasil'ev
Date: 1958

15. Khuligana - k otvety! (Let's call the hooligans to account!)
Artist: Anatolii Gerasimovich Mosin (1924-1979)
Date: 1958

16. Von znakharei! Oni ne lechat... (Away with quack doctors! They'll never cure you...)
Artist: M. Gol'din
Date: 1959

17. Ne khochu takogo papu! (I don't want a dad like that!)
Artist: Anatolii Grigor'evich Rudkovich (1925-?)
Date: 1962

18. Porok - za porog! (Away with vice!)
Artist: Viktor Ivanovich Govorkov (1906-1974)
Date: 1959

19. Von darmoedov s teplen'kikh mest! (Let's get rid of these parasites!)
Artists: Oleg Dmitrievich Maslyakov (1928-?), Efim Semenovich Tsvik (1935-?)
Date: 1961

20. Slyuchainaya svyaz'... (Promiscuity...) One night stand: promiscuity [as summer lightning] accidental relationships might result in sickness and hospital
Artist: Anatolii Braz
Date: 1986

21. Nashe uslovie - doloi skvernoslovie! (We say 'Get rid of foul language'!)
Artist: Konstantin Konstantinovich Ivanov (1921-2003)
Date: 1981
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