Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)SOVIET POSTERS/948
TitleNo kidding, or, We just wanted to make it better (Golden collection) (English translation of caption)
Extent20 items
DescriptionFolder containing 20 reproductions of classic posters with an introduction (in Russian) by Aleksandr Shklyaruk

Russian transliteration of caption: Na polnom ser'eze, ili, khoteli kak luchshe (Zolotaya kollektsiya)

Publication information: Moscow / Kontakt-Kul'tura / 2007

Printing information: [?Moscow] / Ofsetnaya Tipografiya No. 21

Print run: 1,000

Format: 30x45

Posters are as follows:

1. Soski i zhvachki pogubili bol'she krest'yanskikh detei chem puli soldat (More peasants' babies were killed by chewing dummies than by soldiers' bullets)
Artist: [Unknown]
Date: 1925

2. Tak nado provodit' nedelyu chistoty! (That's the way to run a cleanliness week!)
Artist: [Unknown]
Date: 1920

3. Luchshikh sosok ne bylo... (There have never been better teats... )
Artists: Vladimir Vladimirovich Mayakovskii (1893-1930), Aleksandr Mikhailovich Rodchenko (1891-1956)
Date: 1923
Additional Information: cf SOVIET POSTERS/947/2

4. Miting detei (The children's rally)
Artist: Aleksei Ivanovich Komarov
Date: 1923

5. Dym trub-dykhan'e Sovetskoi Rosii (Smoke from chimneys is what Soviet Russia breathes)
Artist: S. Barnik
Date: 1927

6. Pomni o kolesakh! (Mind the wheels!)
Artist: [Unknown]
Date: 1926

7. Pozabotulas' li ty o grudakh? (Do you take good care of your breasts? ... daily washing of nipples with cold water)
Artist: P. Bekhmetev
Date: 1930

8. Idi v banyu posle raboty (Go to the baths after work)
Artist: [Unknown]
Date: 1932

9. P'yushchie shkol'niki uchatsya khuzhe, chem nep'yushchie (School children who drink alcohol do worse than those that don't)
Artist: [Unknown]
Date: 1930

10. Vybirai v tuzmnyi sovet trudyashchikhsya (Only elect real workers to the native people's council)
Artist: Georgii Khoroshevskii
Date: 1931

11. Ves' mir budet nash! (The whole world will be ours!)
Artist: Ya Zav'yalov
Date: 1935

12. Nashi deti ne dolzhny bolet' ponosami (Our children should not suffer from diarrhoea)
Artist: Galina (Gala) Konstantinovna Shubina (1902-1980)
Date: 1940

13. Sledite za chistotoi v chume... (Keep your rawhide tent clean... )
Artist: A. Malushin
Date: 1940

14. Zapisyvaetes' v kruzhki minerov DOSARM! (Learn to lay mines in the DOSARM sapper clubs)
Artist: Vladimir Georgievich Kalyabin (1921-1980)
Date: 1950

15. Ne pei metilovogo spirta! (Never drink industrial alcohol!)
Artist: Kh Erganzhiev
Date: 1946

16. Razvivaite svinovodstvo! (Develop pig breeding!)
Artist: Anatolii Gerasimovich Mosin (1924-1979)
Date: 1955

17. Osvoim golubuyu tselinu! (Let's go and develop the blue virgin lands!)
Artist: V. Gorlenko
Date: 1964

18. Grudnomu rebenku mesto v yaslyakh, a ne v tundre (Babies should grow up in a nursery, not out on the tundra)
Artist: Boris Evgen'evich Teders
Date: 1967

19. Kusayus'! (I bite!)
Artist: Anatolii Grigor'evich Rudkovich (1925-?)
Date: 1974

20. Razvodite krolikov! (Develop rabbit breeding!)
Artist: G. Shchetkin
Date: 1957
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