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TitleRadical History Review
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DescriptionRadical History Review is a journal of historical scholarship that places equal emphasis on the political dimensions of such research. The Centre's subscription was taken up in 1976, shortly after Richard Johnson moved to the Centre from the Department of History at Birmingham, and reflected the increased emphasis at the Centre on history as a field of study within cultural studies. Series also includes copies of the Radical Historians' Newsletter, which accompanied the journal for a period.

Issues Fall 1976, Winter 1977, Spring/Summer 1977, Spring 1978, Fall 1978, Winter 1978/1979, Spring/Summer 1979, March 1980 (21), August 1980 (22), October 1981, October 1982, May 1983, September 1984 (28-30), December 1984 (31), September 1985 (33), January 1986 (34), April 1986 (35), September 1986 (36), January 1987, April 1987

Radical Historians Newsletter No.27 November 1978, No.28 March 1979, No.33 November 1980, No.34 february 1981, No.35 May 1981
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