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TitleRecords of University of Birmingham Committees
Extent687 volumes and 40 files
DescriptionRecords of committees of the Council and Senate of the University of Birmingham, and of other joint committees which reported to the governing bodies of the University. These consist primarily of official minutes, but for some committees there are also some indexes; attendance books; sets of reports; committee correspondence; registers; and other associated papers. In the majority of cases, the minutes are the official versions, though there are a small number of committees for which the surviving records are sets of minutes kept by the Registrar and identified to fill gaps in the records.
Minutes were usually signed and bound into volumes or loose leaf binders until the 1990s. From that point onwards, most minutes are not signed, even when they are the authorised set.

These records are a major research resource for the study of the history and development of the University and, together with minutes and reports of Council and Senate, form the core of the University's archive. They contain valuable information about the institution's academic policy (particularly records of the Committee of Principals and Deans; records of the Senate Executive and Academic Executive; records of the Academic Board and its sub-committees; and records of various academic policy committees); financial policy (particularly records of the Finance and General Purposes Committee; Audit Committee and other financial committees); built environment and estate (particularly records of the Buildings Committee; Developments Committee; and Planning and Priorities Committee); relations with students (particularly records of student accommodation committees and halls of residence; but also records of the Physical Education committee; records of health services and nursery committees; records of the Overseas Students Committee; records of the Appointments Board; records of the University Centre Committee; and records of the Campus Life Policy Committee); relations with staff (particularly records of Staff House Committee; and the Technical, Clerical and General Staff Committee); the institution's governance (particularly records of charter and statutes revision committees); and the management of research centres (particularly the Centre of West African Studies, the Centre for Russian and East European Studies, and Adult Education); and the management of the Library, and of service units

This set of records may be referred to in conjunction with records of Council (UB/COU) and Senate (UB/SEN) which appointed and received the reports of the majority of these committees. Council and Senate minutes also contain reports of some committees for which no discrete set of records survive. Although this section comprises an extensive set of committee records, it is not a comprehensive or complete set of all committee records created by the University of Birmingham. There are known gaps in the records, both within surviving record sequences, and in the absence of records of committees which are known to have existed, but which either have not survived or have not so far been transferred to the University Archives
ArrangementThis section is organized by committee, but the committees are not arranged in any particular order. Records within each series are usually arranged chronologically

The section is divided into the following series:

UB/COM/1 Finance and General Purposes Committee
UB/COM/2 Committee of Principals and Deans
UB/COM/3 Senate Executive Committee
UB/COM/4 Academic Executive Committee
UB/COM/5 Planning and Priorities Committee
UB/COM/6 Vice-Chancellor's Planning Committee
UB/COM/7 Strategy, Planning, and Resources Committee
UB/COM/8 University Executive Board
UB/COM/9 Library Committee
UB/COM/10 General Purposes Committee
UB/COM/11 Refectories Committees
UB/COM/12 Refectory and Staff House Committee
UB/COM/13 Audit Committee
UB/COM/14 Nominations Committee
UB/COM/15 Quality Assurance Committee
UB/COM/16 Buildings Committee
UB/COM/17 Opening of New Buildings Special Committee
UB/COM/18 Developments Committee
UB/COM/19 Chancellorship and Edgbaston Reconstruction Committee
UB/COM/20 Sub-Committee for Mural Tablets at Bournbrook
UB/COM/21 Air Raid Precautions Committee
UB/COM/22 Queen's College Hall of Residence Committee
UB/COM/23 Chancellor's Hall Committee
UB/COM/24 Halls of Residence Committee
UB/COM/25 Senate Committee on Halls of Residence
UB/COM/26 Joint Senate and Council Committee on Halls of Residence
UB/COM/27 Chad Hill Committee
UB/COM/28 University House sub-committee
UB/COM/29 Griffin Close sub-committee
UB/COM/30 Lodgings Committee
UB/COM/31 Financial sub-committee for Student Residences
UB/COM/32 Military Education Committee
UB/COM/33 Ground Committee
UB/COM/34 Joint Students Union Committee
UB/COM/35 Medical School Buildings Committee
UB/COM/36 Charter Revision Committee
UB/COM/37 Charter and Statutes Committee
UB/COM/38 Centenary Celebrations Committee
UB/COM/39 Appointments Board
UB/COM/40 Staff House sub-committee
UB/COM/41 Technical, Clerical and General Staff Committee
UB/COM/42 Equipment Committee
UB/COM/43 Advisory Board for Research in Mental Disease
UB/COM/44 Institute of Engineering Production Committee
UB/COM/45 Financial sub-committee for Post-Experience Activities
UB/COM/46 Investment Committee
UB/COM/47 Enterprise Committee
UB/COM/48 Advisory Committee of the Council on Short Term Problems
UB/COM/49 Joint Safety Advisory Committee and Safety Executive Committee
UB/COM/50 Campus Radio Station Board of Management
UB/COM/51 Observatory Committee
UB/COM/52 University Foundation for Sport Board of Management
UB/COM/53 Research and Knowledge Transfer Committee
UB/COM/54 Education Committee
UB/COM/55 Academic Policy and Regulations Committee
UB/COM/56 Joint Committee on Technical Workers
UB/COM/57 Sub-Committee on Technical Staff
UB/COM/58 First Degrees Committee
UB/COM/59 Higher Degrees Committee
UB/COM/60 Academic Board
UB/COM/61 Committee for the Area Studies Centres
UB/COM/62 Biochemistry Committee
UB/COM/63 Macromolecular Analysis Service Committee
UB/COM/64 Committee on Biotechnology
UB/COM/65 Bookshop Committee
UB/COM/66 Broader Education Committee
UB/COM/67 Centre of West African Studies Committee
UB/COM/68 Committee on Russian and East European Studies
UB/COM/69 Committee on Computers
UB/COM/70 Computers, TV and Film Unit sub-committee
UB/COM/71 Computers Technical sub-committee
UB/COM/72 Board of Continuing Education
UB/COM/73 Committee for the Control of Radiation Exposure
UB/COM/74 Educational Development Committee
UB/COM/75 Educational Services Committee
UB/COM/76 Educational Development Advisory Committee
UB/COM/77 Committee on Educational Technology
UB/COM/78 Television and Educational Technology sub-committee
UB/COM/79 Joint Board of Engineering Commerce and Management
UB/COM/80 Development Committee on Environmental Studies
UB/COM/81 Committee on the Effects of Development on the University Environment
UB/COM/82 Advisory Committee for Environmental Research and Management
UB/COM/83 Committee on Field Course, Vacation and Hardship Grants
UB/COM/84 Graduate Research Committee
UB/COM/85 Guild/Senate Committee
UB/COM/86 Committee on the Future of the Hayter Centres
UB/COM/87 Health Services Management Centre Committee
UB/COM/88 Information Technology Committee
UB/COM/89 General Committee of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Engineering Science
UB/COM/90 Advisory Committee for the Institute of Public and Environmental Health
UB/COM/91 Life Sciences Committee
UB/COM/92 Senate Committee Tuition in English, Foreign and Colonial Students and other committees
UB/COM/93 Neurocommunications Research Unit Committee
UB/COM/94 Open Lectures Committee
UB/COM/95 Overseas Students Committee
UB/COM/96 Committee on Overseas Affairs
UB/COM/97 University Periodical Editorial Board
UB/COM/98 PhD Degree Committee
UB/COM/99 Physical Education Committee
UB/COM/100 Committee on Post Experience Studies
UB/COM/101 Recognised Chaplains Committee
UB/COM/102 Research Committee
UB/COM/103 Research Staff Committee
UB/COM/104 Research Postgraduate Committee
UB/COM/105 Taught Postgraduate Committee
UB/COM/106 Undergraduate Committee
UB/COM/107 Senate Constitutional Committee
UB/COM/108 Committee on Super Conductivity
UB/COM/109 Teaching and Learning Committee
UB/COM/110 Committee on Proposed Department of Psychology and Committee on Phonetics
UB/COM/111 Sub-Committee on Refectory Policy
UB/COM/112 University Centre Committee
UB/COM/113 University Centre Committee and Guild of Students Joint Working Party
UB/COM/114 University Centre and Union Services Catering Joint Sub-Committee
UB/COM/115 Open Forum Working Party
UB/COM/116 Conference Grants Committee
UB/COM/117 Senate Standing Joint-Committee on Radioactive Isotopes
UB/COM/118 Senate Committee on the status, payment and tenure of office of junior staff
UB/COM/119 Foreign Matriculation Board
UB/COM/120 Secondary Education Board
UB/COM/121 Committees Attendance Books
UB/COM/122 Membership Committee
UB/COM/123 Postgraduate Committee
UB/COM/124 Register of Interests for members of Council, University Committees and Senior Administrative Officers
UB/COM/125 Sub-Committee for Externally Provided Programmes/External and Collaborative Programmes Committee
UB/COM/126 Advisory Panel on Inter-Faculty Degree Courses
UB/COM/127 MBA Committee
UB/COM/128 Guild Working Group
UB/COM/129 Board of Adult Education
UB/COM/129 Diamond Jubilee Appeal for Halls of Residence Committee
UB/COM/130 Appeal Committee
UB/COM/131 Ironbridge Institute Steering Committee
UB/COM/132 Building Names Committee
UB/COM/133 Ashby Plan Committee
UB/COM/134 ICI Fellowship Committee
UB/COM/135 Senate Development Committee
UB/COM/136 Wages and Establishment Committee
UB/COM/137 Academic Regulations Group
UB/COM/138 Board of Studies for Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education
UB/COM/139 Campus Life Policy Committee
UB/COM/140 Portfolio Development Committee
UB/COM/141 Educational Development Committee
UB/COM/142 Information Services Policy Committee of Senate
UB/COM/143 Deans Review
UB/COM/144 Joint Committee on Disabled Members of the University
UB/COM/145 Joint Student Welfare Committee
UB/COM/146 Joint Careers Service Executive Committee
UB/COM/147 Joint Committee on Post Experience Training
UB/COM/148 Joint University Health Service Committee
UB/COM/149 Joint University Health Service Day Nursery Working Party
UB/COM/150 Biomedical Ethical Review sub-committee
UB/COM/151 Joint Research Ethics and Conduct Committee
UB/COM/152 Guild Strategy Committee
UB/COM/153 Joint Implementation Group, Westhill
UB/COM/154 Joint Board of Studies Universities of Birmingham and Reading; MPhil in Plant Breeding and Crop Improvement; MPhil in Botanical Diversity
UB/COM/155 University of Birmingham and United Birmingham Hospitals Medical Computer Services Committee
UB/COM/156 University of Birmingham, United Birmingham Hospitals and Birmingham Regional Hospital Board Standing Joint Committee
UB/COM/157 Joint Board of the University of Birmingham and the Midland Training Colleges
UB/COM/158 University of Birmingham and University of Aston Joint Dynamitron Management Committee
UB/COM/159 Bio Medical Services Unit Management Group
UB/COM/160 Accreditation Committee, Newman
UB/COM/161 Accreditation Committee, Westhill
UB/COM/162 Accreditation Committee, Birmingham College of Food and Tourism
UB/COM/163 St Francis Hall Committee
Access ConditionsAll University Committee minutes are subject to a fifty year closure period. Where records relating to living individuals are of a sensitive nature, further access restrictions have been applied
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Access StatusPartially closed
Custodial HistoryUniversity Committee records were transferred to Special Collections in 1989-1990 as part of a project to gather and sort the university's institutional archives. Subsequent transfers of later records have been made by officers servicing University Committees until 2017
Archival NoteCatalogued by Helen Fisher, May 2015 to June 2018. Prepared in compliance with General International Standard Archival Description, ISAD(G), second edition, 2000; National Council on Archives Rules for the Construction of Personal, Place and Corporate Names, 1997.
Related MaterialRecords of University Council (UB/COU); Records of University Senate (UB/SEN)
Publication NoteEric Ives, Diane Drummond, Leonard Schwartz, 'The First Civic University: Birmingham 1880-1980, An Introductory History', Birmingham 2000


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