Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)UB/GUILD/A/16
TitleDisciplinary Board/Guild Discipline committee
Extent7 files
DescriptionMinutes contain detailed descriptions of disciplinary incidents that took place on Guild premises during the period covered by the records. Meetings of the Board were held in the presence of the individual against whom complaints had been raised, and the committee decided whether the complaint should be upheld and what punishment should be imposed after hearing the evidence. Common offences include bringing in unauthorised guests; gambling; forcing entry to Executive offices; 'misbehaviour'; causing trouble when under the influence of alcohol; assault when drunk; damage to and vandalism of Guild property; and disturbances aimed at disrupting political meetings by a number of student campaign groups

No meetings were held in 1958, 1964, 1965 or 1967

There is some overlap in content between files listed at UB/GUILD/A/16/6 and UB/GUILD/A/16/7
Access ConditionsThese minutes are closed under the terms of Data Protection regulations because they contain sensitive information about named individuals
Access StatusClosed
Administrative HistoryThe Disciplinary Board dealt with allegations of the abuse of Guild facilities and disputes between students on Guild premises. A Disciplinary Appeals committee dealt with issues arising from the decisions of the Board


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