Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)UB/GUILD/A/23
TitlePress Council
Extent1 volume
DescriptionMinutes include agendas and supporting papers, and some minutes take the format of a 'report of proceedings' at meetings. Most meetings were held to consider and discuss specific complaints in Redbrick but complaints about Carnival magazine, and other publications including posters and promotional material issued by various student societies are also addressed. The minutes set out the nature of the complaint and responses to it, as well as giving the decision of Press Council on what action to take. Some matters were discussed at closed session. Supporting papers might include the text of complaints themselves and copies of the Guild publications under discussion. Complaints typically focus on defamation of individuals, stereotyping of ethnic, religious, sexual or social groups, or libellous statements particularly relating to politics. In addition, there are reports of the working party on the Press Council
Access StatusOpen
Administrative HistoryPress Council dealt with complaints about articles printed in Guild publications. It was the successor to Guild Publications Committee. Minutes of this predecessor committee are described at UB/GUILD/A/22. Press Council was a student committee with two staff members. The editors of Mermaid and Redbrick, the successor to Guild News, were now directly responsible to Guild Council. These and other Guild publications were controlled by their own editorial and business staffs


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