Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)UB/GUILD/I/34
TitleInternational Union of Students photograph album
Extent1 volume
DescriptionPhotograph album containing photographs showing significant events with which the International Union of Students was connected
/1: Photograph of demonstration linked with the closure of universities in Czechoslovakia by the Nazis 17 November 1939, which later became International Student Day
/2: Photograph of the World Student Congress in Prague in 1946 where the IUS was established
/3: Photograph of students collecting funds in Australia for relief campaigns during International Student Week, 1948
/4: Photograph of duplicator machines provided for the students of Vietnam and China from relief funds, 1948/49
/5: Photograph of Dr Dilip Chaudhari, the first IUS scholarship student to graduate in Budapest, 1948
/6: Photograph of the Burmese representative at IUS headquarters inspecting scientific text books collected by the IUS student needs and welfare department
/7: Photograph of Paul Robeson giving a concert in Prague for the IUS Relief Fund, 1949
/8: Photograph of model plan of the new IUS Sanitorium
/9: Photograph of the first IUS International Student Sanitorium in Trebotov, Czechoslovakia, opened 17 November 1948. Funds were raised by students from different countries
/10: Photograph of IUS International Architectural Students Conference, London 1949
/11: Photograph of New York students demonstrating against anti-semitic and anti-black professors
/12: Photograph of Australian students demonstrating for peace and better conditions
/13: Photograph of students in Amsterdam demonstrating against Greek 'monarcho-fascism'
/14: Photograph of Mr Meddi, India, IUS delegate to Italy, addressing a 21 February meeting in Rome. This date is celebrated as a day of solidarity with youth fighting against colonialism, since the South East Asia Youth and Students Conference in 1948
/15: Photograph of International Students Day celebrations in Belgium, 1948
/16: Photograph of Peking Congress, April 1949 where the All China Student Federation was founded
/17: Photograph of Vietnamese students teaching illiterate wounded soldiers to read and write
/18: Photograph of opening parade of the VIIIth Winter World University Games in Spindleruv Mlyn, Czechoslovakia, 1949
/19: Photograph of France v Korea football match at the Xth World University Games in Budapest, 1949
/20: Photograph of ceremony at the Xth World University Games, 1949
/21: Photograph of the IUS delegation to the Prague Peace Congress, 1949
/22: Photograph of Cuban students demonstrating for the Peace Movement
/23: Photograph of the closing ceremony of the Second World Festival of Youth and Students in Budapest, 1949
/24: Photograph of British students at the closing ceremony of the Second World Festival of Youth and Students, 1949
/25: Photograph of United States students on their way to the Second World Festival of Youth and Students, demonstrating for peace in Paris on 14 July
/26: Photograph of proceedings at the WFDY Second World Youth Congress convened in Budapest after the festival
/27: Photograph of proceedings at the 1949 Annual Council meeting of the IUS in Sofia, September 1949
/28: Photograph of Council members arriving at the mass meeting of 20,000 youth and students of Sofia in honour of the Council
Inserted in the pages of the photograph album is a letter and invoice from the National Union of Students to the Guild of Students relating to the supply of copies of the 'Student Chronicle' 1951
NotesOld Reference: UA26/J34
Access StatusOpen


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