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DescriptionIncomplete series of issues of Mason Hall magazine, produced by student residents on an apparently monthly or fortnightly basis during term time. Issues typically contain articles about hall facilities, Junior Common Room business and elections, lettters, opinion pieces, and satirical pieces about life in hall. Some issues include an editorial, and most issues give the names of students on the editorial committee. Personal columns and jokes and anecdotes about hall residents are occasionally included.
Issues produced during the early years of operation of the hall of residence, from 1968 to 1970, include reports on social and sporting events including reviews of concerts and dramatic performances in Mason Hall, as well as opinion pieces on the implementation of hall rules and the reform of hall structure, and the results of student surveys. It is evident from these early issues that 'Masonry' was first produced in the 1968-1969 academic session, which was the first year the hall operated as a mixed student residence. The majority of the surviving issues date from 1968 to 1970. There are two surviving issues from 1986, one from 1993, and two from 1997.
Freshers' magazines, described at UB/HMA/E/1, and Mason Hall handbooks, described at UB/HMA/B/1, indicate that 'Masonry' continued to be produced until 1998. The 1999 Freshers' magazine mentions a student magazine called 'X Magazine', presumably 'Masonry''s successor, but there are no surviving issues, and no references to a Mason Hall magazine in subsequent Freshers' magazines, so it is probable that production had ceased by 2001

/1: Issue 1, October [1968] (5 copies)
/2: Issue 5, February [1969] (2 copies)
/3: Issue 6, March [1969]
/4: Issue 7, March [1969]
/5: Issue 10, January 1970
/6: Issue 11, February 1970
/7: Issue 12, March 1970
/8: January 1986
/9: Issue 2, February 1986
/10: Issue 2, Term 3, June 1993
/11: Issue 1, 1997-1998, November 1997 (2 copies)
/12: Issue 2, 1997-1998, December 1997
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