Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)UB/SOC4/2/2
TitleProceedings, Mason College Physical Society
Extent1 volume
DescriptionManuscript copies of papers presented to the Physical Society as follows:

Hylo-Idealism - Constance C. W. Naden
The Dielectric - E. F. Ehrhardt
Faraday - Miss J. C. Evans
Quadruplex Telegraphy - W. H. Whitehouse
The Stereoscope - J. Edwards
The Inverse Square Law of Electrostatic Induction - G. Frederick Daniell
Note on Steam Engine Governor I - R. H. Housman
Roger Bacon - F. D. Chattaway
Coulomb's Researches on Electricity and Magnetism - G. F. Daniell
John Kepler - J. Edwards
Hygrometry - J. F. Liverseege
The Influence of Stress and Strain upon the Physical Properties of Metals - W. M. Langford
Electrical Transformers - R. H. Housman
NotesOld reference: UC9/iv/8, UA35
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