Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)US41/6/6/1
TitleBook 'j'; 'An inquiry into The Laws which govern Spirit intercourse with Man'
Extent1 vol
Date[Late 19th century-early 20th century]
DescriptionOne of seven volumes of the series 'An inquiry into The Laws which govern Spirit intercourse with Man'. This volume was originally 'Book J' (part of the 'English letter series' of books) containing paragraphs numbered 2441 to 2589.

The contents page lists the following sections in the volume: 'The genesis or initiative of Spirit intercourse with man'; 'Intercourse of spirits with each other'; 'Relation of spirits to Allopsychism and Telepathy'; 'Reciprocal telepathy and allopsychism'; 'Moseley incident'; 'Case of John Lacy'; 'Jane Keyes'; 'Dr Dexter'; 'Conscious telepathy'; 'Preconscious telepathy'; 'Spirit telepathy'; 'Experimental spirit telepathy'; 'Spontaneous spirit telepathy'; 'Simple spirit telepathy'; 'Rev P H Newnham and Wife'; 'Home and Uncle Tilden'; 'Home and Mrs Elmer'; 'Case of the Rev C C Wanbey'; 'Post conscious or memory telepathy'; 'Personal rapports'; 'Mediumship of Mrs Piper'; 'Consciousness'; 'General propositions'; 'Rapports'; 'Mrs H S Thompson and Miss Crowther'; 'Mr Joseph Norris and Dr Norris'; 'Mr Dugard and Dr Norris'; 'Mesmerist and N Dunscombe J P'; 'Mr and Rev Stainton Moses'; 'Mr G A Smith and Mrs W'; 'Marcella and others and Alex Didia'; 'Colonel Llewellyn and the Didier control'; 'Mr H S B and L S V and L C V'; 'Dr Costello and the Dideir control'; 'The Beasley incident'; 'Mr H S Thompson and Mrs Thornton'; 'Esdailes Blind Subject'; 'Mr H S Thompson and two friends'; 'Dr Norris and Robert May'; 'Rev Lawson Sisson and Miss Cook'; 'Miss Alice Baker and Dr Norris'; 'Mr S H B and Miss Verity'; 'Examples of delayed or arrested telepathy'; 'Mr S H B and Mrs L'; 'General remarks'; 'Foxwill Case'; 'Mr Glover and Dr Norris'; and 'Merging of dreams'.

US41/6/1/1 contains a subject index of this volume (listed as Book J).
Access StatusOpen
Physical DescriptionBinding is damaged.
Custodial HistoryFormerly numbered Norris 29.


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