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TitleLetter from Prince Dolgorukov to Count Benckendorff
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DescriptionLetter dated February 3 1916 written from the headquarters of the Imperial Army. Dolgorukov reports on developments in the war stating that an infantry brigade of 8,000 bayonets is being sent to France as the French have built up their forces to a maximum and have no more man power. Agents report that the Germans and Austrians are preparing gas attacks on all fronts, including use of potassium cyanide and have a million gallons in readiness. Prince Oldenburg has arrived at the head quarters for a demonstration of the new gas masks. Although there is still a shortage of 95,000 progress has bene made with regard to the rifle shortages. All Commanders-in-Chief are expected at the headquarters for a conference and the Captain of the 'Gangut' has been reprimanded by the Tsar for the disorder of his fleet who caused trouble due to lack of food. Dolgorukov goes on to write that major events are expected in March but that he feels the Russians will be ready.
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