Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)YMCA/K/1/2
TitleGreen Book 1B (Belgium, Canada, Ceylon)
Extent98 items
DescriptionThe photographs in this Green Book relate to the YMCA's work and actvitieis arranged according to the following sub-divisions: Belgium, Canada, Ceylon.

Belgium: these include photographs of the YMCA's work and centres and huts in Brussels, Ghent, Mons, Liege, Spa, Vlamertinghe and Ypres; there are also other images of street scenes and buildings in Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Louvain, Mons and Namur and photographs of the war damage to the Museum in Louvain, and to Ypres Cathedral. Although there aren't any photographs specifically labelled by the YMCA as showing the ruins of the Cloth Hall (Lakenhal or Lakenhalle), Ypres, it is thought that some of the photographs do show this building in various stages of ruin. It may also be the case that a few photographs labelled by the YMCA as Ypres Cathedral are in fact ruins of the Cloth Hall.

Canada: these comprise postcard views of YMCA huts and and clubs in Toronto and Montreal and more general views of the military camp at Vernon, British Columbia.

Ceylon: these photographs are all views of scenery, historical sites and buildings and do not appear to relate to the YMCA's work but were presumably taken by YMCA workers based in Ceylon.
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