Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)YMCA/K/1/3/66
TitlePhotograph: Egypt, Cairo
Extent2 items
DateMay 1917
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DescriptionBlack and white photograph of a Lena Ashwell Garden Party in Cairo. Featured in the photograph are a large group of military personnel sat down at long tables with white tablecloths drinking cups of tea. Some of the group are wearing military uniform, while others are wearing convalescent uniform known as 'Hospital Blues' or 'Convalescent Blues', consisting of a white shirt and blue button up jacket, red tie and blue cuffed trousers. The group is made up of various nationalities (deduced by style of military service cap), including Australian, British and Scottish. Women wearing light coloured dresses and hats embellished with leaves and flowers can be seen pouring tea for guests. There is another table on a balcony and an Egyptain man wearing a tarboosh can also be seen pouring cups of tea.

There are two copies of this photograph. The second is larger and has a caption on the image: 'Corner of tea tables, (2000)'.
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