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TitlePhotograph: Egypt, Cairo
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DateMay 1917
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DescriptionBlack and white photograph of a three legged race taking place at a Lena Ashwell Garden Party in Cairo. Featured in the photograph are military personnel stood in a row in order to create space for the race. The group are wearing convalescent uniform known as 'Hospital Blues' or 'Convalescent Blues', consisting of a white shirt and blue button up jacket, red tie and blue cuffed trousers. The group is made up of various nationalities (deduced by style of military service cap), including Australian, British and Scottish. In the background bunting can be seen hanging from large trees and two men are stood at the top of a ladder in order to have a better view of the race. A building can also be seen in the background.

This photograph is captioned on the image: 'Three leg[ged race]'.
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