Person NameLee; Sir; Henry (1530-1610); Knight, Master of the Ordnance, Courtier
EpithetKnight, Master of the Ordnance, Courtier
ActivityEducated for a while by his uncle, Thomas Wyatt. 1545, entered the service of Henry VIII; 1549-50, clerk of the armoury; 1553, knighted; 1558 and 1572, Member of Parliament for Buckinghamshire; 17 Nov 1559, present at a tournament and made a vow of chivalry that each year he would maintain Elizabeth's honour against all comers, accepted by the Queen as her champion and a Society of Kights Tilters, of which Lee was President, was formed; Regent-Marshal in the wars with Scotland; 1570, Comptroller of Woodstock through the favour of the Earl of Leicester; 1590, Master of Ordnance; 17 Nov 1590, resigned office of personal champion to the Queen; Aug 1592, visited by the Queen at Quarendon, Buckinghamshire, where she was entertained by a masque 'The Message of the Damsell of the Queene of Fayries' (probably by Henry Ferrers); 23 Apr 1597, K.G.; continued in the offices of James I. Married Anne


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