Person NameCooper; Alfred Cecil (1882-1964); Bishop of Korea
ForenamesAlfred Cecil
EpithetBishop of Korea
ActivityAlfred Cecil Cooper went out as a missionary priest to the Diocese of Korea in 1908. He was consecrated as Bishop of the Diocese in 1931. Following the liberation of Korea from the Japanese at the end of the Second World War, he returned to Korea and laboured to rebuild the Church. In 1950 he refused to leave the Diocese when the Communist forces occupied the Capital (Seoul), and he was taken into captivity in North Korea. He was forced to undertake the 'Death March', when all Communist prisoners were marched north as U.N. troops pushed towards the Yalu River. Bishop Cooper spent two and a half years as a prisoner in North Korea, and was finally repatriated in April 1953. Bishop Cooper returned to Korea
in October 1953.


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