Datesb 1922
Person NameLee; Paul Ch'on-Hwan (b 1922); Bishop of Seoul
ForenamesPaul Ch'on-Hwan
EpithetBishop of Seoul
ActivityPaul Ch'on-Hwan Li was ordained to the priesthood in 1953, and was initially responsible for the parish of Sangju. In 1957 he was sent to England, where he spent a year at Mirfield and in a Midland parish, and a year at St Augustine's College, Canterbury, 1958-1959. He returned to Korea in 1959, and was based at Ch'ongju where he founded and ran a catechist's training school. He became an archdeacon, and also sat on the board of governors at Yonsei University, Seoul. In 1965 the Diocese of Korea was divided into two, with the capital and province forming a new diocese of Seoul with Paul Lee consecrated as its first Korean Bishop.


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