Datesd circa 1960-1961
Person NameMaxwell; James Preston (d circa 1960-1961); Papers of Dr. James Laidlaw Maxwell and his son Dr. James Preston Maxwell; Medical missionary
ForenamesJames Preston
EpithetMedical missionary
ActivityJames Preston Maxwell worked as a medical missionary in China at Yungchun Hospital, Fukien, 1899-1919, and Changpoo, Amoy. He was Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Peking Union Medical College, circa 1920-circa 1940. He married [Edith] Lilly Isaacson [16th December], 1899, and they had one child, Marjorie [Steen, nee Marjorie Gordon Maxwell], b 1908.
RelationshipsSon of James Laidlaw Maxwell Sr.; husband of Lilly Maxwell; father of Marjorie Steen.


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