Datesd 1953
Person NameNewham; Harry Holliday (d 1953); Papers of Harry Holliday Newham; Methodist missionary
ForenamesHarry Holliday
EpithetMethodist missionary
ActivityNewham entered the Methodist Ministry in 1899. He lived and worked in various locations in Africa and India, including: West Africa (1924-1930), where he became Chairman of the Sierr[a] Leone District, Bangalore, [Kanavese] (1931-1944), where he became Chairman of the Mysore District, and Bangalore and Mysore (1944-1946), where he was Supernumerary.
RelationshipsSon of Anne [nee?] [1840-1894] and Henworth [1833-1902] Newham; ?related to [Wynnel E. M. Newham].


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