Person Name; CMS Egypt mission; 1889-1934
ActivityCMS work in Egypt began in 1826 when it formed part of the Mediterranean mission. This was given up in 1861 and not recommenced until 1882, following the British occupation of Egypt, when Rev. F. A. Klein was stationed at Cairo. From 1882 to 1889 it was adminsitered as part of the Palestine mission. The Society has six stations in Egypt: Cairo (1882), Old Cairo (1889), Menouf, Ashmoun and Shubra Zanga (1910) and Giza (1921).

Secretaries with primary responsibility for the Egypt and Sudan missions:
1889-1892 Robert Lang; 1892-1912 Frederick Baylis; 1912-1925 George Thomas Manley; 1926-1934 Handley Douglas Hooper

Secretary to the General Committee [Honorary Clerical Secretary 1889-1922; General Secretary 1922-1934] [The General Committee was the policy-making committee and its secretary was considered primus inter pares]:
1880-1895 Frederick Edward Wigram; 1895-1910 Henry Elliott Fox; 1910-1922 Cyril Charles Bowman Bardsley; 1923-1925 Herbert Lankaster; 1926-1941 William Wilson Cash

Lay Secretary [secretary to Finance Committee]:
1888-1894 Major General Clennell Collingwood; 1895-1907 David Marshall Lang; 1908-1909 Robert Machonachie; 1910-1921 Herbert Lankaster; 1922-1925 John Kinahan [acting]; 1925-1937 Louis Steele
Corporate NameCMS Egypt mission


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