Person Name; CMS Travancore and Cochin mission; 1881-1934
ActivityThe Society's missions in India centred on Calcutta [I1], Madras [I2] and Bombay [I3].
A Corresponding Committee was set up in Calcutta in 1807 and with the renewal of the East India Company's Charter in 1813 when missionaries were allowed into the country it took on the role of a CMS Auxiliary. The first CMS missionaries to North India did not reach Calcutta until 1816. In Madras a Corresponding Committee was formed in November 1814 and the missionaries arrived the following year. A Corresponding Committee for CMS work in Bombay was formed in June 1818, thought the first missionary did not arrive until 1820. Work in South India was run by the Madras Corresponding Committee until 1881 when Travancore and Cochin [ I5] was set up as an autonomous mission.
Corporate NameCMS Travancore and Cochin mission


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