Person Name; CMS Northern Sudan mission; 1931-1934
ActivityWork in the Northern Sudan was organised as part of the Egypt mission until 1 January 1931 when it was set up as a separate administrative unit. Links with Egypt, however, were kept until 1 July 1933. The main centres of work were Omdurman (1899), Khartoum (1900), Atbara (1908) and Wad Medani (1919).

Secretaries with primary responsibility for the Egypt and Sudan missions:
1889-1892 Robert Lang; 1892-1912 Frederick Baylis; 1912-1925 George Thomas Manley; 1926-1934 Handley Douglas Hooper

Secretary to the General Committee [Honorary Clerical Secretary 1889-1992; General Secretary 1922-1934] [The General Committee was the policy-making committee and its secretary was considered primus inter pares]:
1880-1895 Frederick Edward Wigram; 1895-1910 Henry Elliott Fox; 1910-1922 Cyril Charles Bowman Bardsley; 1923-1925 Herbert Lankaster; 1926-1941 William Wilson Cash

Lay Secretary [secretary to Finance Committee]:
1888-1894 Major General Clennell Collingwood; 1895-1907 David Marshall Lang; 1908-1909 Robert Machonachie; 1910-1921 Herbert Lankaster; 1922-1925 John Kinahan [acting]; 1925-1937 Louis Steele
Corporate NameCMS Northern Sudan mission


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