Person NameCarroll; Sydney Wentworth (1877-1958); Theatrical Manager
Surname Carroll
ForenamesSydney Wentworth
EpithetTheatrical Manager
ActivityEducated at Creswick Grannar School. Formerly an actor, then a publisher of books, periodicals and prints - also a printer; during the war from 1914-1918 served in the Supply Department of the War Office; Dramatic Critic Sunday Times, 1918-1923; Theatrical Manager since 1931; has produced plays at the Ambassadors, Criterion, New Little, His Majesty's, Wyndham's, Cambridge, and Shaftesbury; established the Open Air Theatre, Regent's Park, 1933; President of Critic's Circle, 1931-1932; Commendatore of the Crown of Italy, 1933; ex-Member of the National Theatre Appeal Committee Executive. Positions: Editorial Consultant to Viscount Kensley; Literary Editor The Daily Sketch; Sept 1938-Sept 1942, Managing Editor of the Daily Sketch; also The Sunday Graphic; Adviser on staff of Allied Publications Ltd; Theatrical Manager, Film Critic and Journalist.


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